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to all my followers and anyone else who have ever


  • lost someone close to them
  • been neglected
  • been abused (mentally, physically, emotionally)
  • been bullied
  • hurt yourself 
  • made yourself sick
  • starved yourself
  • felt isolated or lonely
  • felt suicidal
  • had suicidal thoughts
  • been pressured to be something you’re not
  • have been victimised
  • been affected by mental illness
  • been unable to go or do certain things due to mental illness

I just want you to know..I love you & I’m proud of how far you’ve come!!!image


Hello friends! Many of you have felt very upset lately. This is a list of resources you can keep track of to try to cheer up. I hope it helps!

If you or someone you know is at risk for suicide:

Woof! This list will be updated as often as I can. I hope you all feel better my friends!


In light of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer coming out today, quick reminder that that book is about an abusive and controlling relationship, not BDSM.

Fanfiction (published or not) is important for women of all ages to explore gender roles and sexuality in a way that is less stigmatized and more accessible. 

But do not do the BDSM community a disservice by calling the relationship described in the book a BDSM experience. 



Recently Kaige told us he wishes he could be both a boy and a girl because he likes playing princesses as much as ninjas and he doesn’t want to get made fun of. So we bought him a tutu and gave him a makeover. Meet the new and improved Kaige. If you have a problem with it please keep it to yourself and kindly stay out of his life. Which would be a shame because as you can see he’s freakin’ awesome! #letmebeme #mumblr #stopbullying


But actually. I want that tutu. This kid has a cooler style than I do

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